Education Fair 2019 by Shri Kutchi Bhanushali Seva Samaj Trust

As I’m part of the education committee of Bhanushali Seva Samaj Trust, I helped organize and promote Education Fair 2019.

We wanted to invite students and parents in big numbers for Education Fair 2019 on 1st and 2nd June (Saturday and Sunday) at Zaverben auditorium Ghatkopar East.

All students from 9th grade and above – get career guidance and take aptitude tests. All parents can accompany them.

There was a parenting seminar by Parikshit Jobanputra

For Education Abroad: For students aiming for studies in overseas University, Bhanushali Overseas Support System (boss) had organized season 2 of the BOSS seminar.

I created 2 videos and promoted on YouTube which was watched by more than 2500 people.

Education Fair 2019
Bhanushali Overseas Support System (BOSS) 2019
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