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Recently I came across the phrase "Veerabhogya Vasundhara" meaning "This Earth is for the valiant" while reading a book "Bunch
Wi-Fi Calling…. Since past 1 year, Vodafone network has been super bad at my home in Hiranandani Estate. I am
So you decide to upgrade your AWS instance from say t2.medium(4gb ram) to t2.large (8gb ram) but your network admin
Let me tell you something you already know.The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows.It’s a very mean and nasty place
MDR Kailash Gajara
Watch this 7 minutes video where Kailash Gajara shares few ideas for students, parents & young professionals to stay positive
I was watching a video by Storyloom Films and really got inspired by their efforts. I am proud of the team at Megastores and
Extremely delighted to share the recording of my recent webinar with Shah and Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College - SAKEC. The topic
Here is something I have tried for the first time. I'm releasing my first voice-over story. It is a short
How many of you have had Roti+Sabji like this? In my family, many a time, mom mixes Roti and Sabji
About two years ago, I got a chance to have a meeting with Sanjay Kelkar ji. He is a very