More and more we spread, goodness WILL also GO VIRAL.

Humanity is not gone. It was here, it is here and it will remain around us. Just a change in thought and we can see it clearly.

Yesterday, while driving home at night, around 10 pm, it was raining and I was on the bridge with traffic slow-moving. Usually, it happens due to a car breakdown. Trucks and cars where overtaking that area. I did that as well.

Once I drove pass that area, I saw 3 ladies walking on the bridge getting wet. Their rickshaw broke down. The next moment, I stopped the car right in the middle of the bridge, blocking both lanes, asked those ladies to get in the car. I did get lots of honking back at me (which I hate) but I remained calm.

They observed things in my car, my office bag, phone and me listening to the audiobook, politely asked them “Aap please aiye.. apko aage tak chhodta hu..” and they got in and thanked me, super happy that they got a lift.

Obviously, we are a human being and we feel good when people thank us. So I was happy inside. For me, what did I lose? Maybe just a few minutes of my time for my audiobook and nothing else. It was nothing compared to what I was able to do – “initiate a chain of doing good for others..” and without any, etc effort. I am sure they would be continuing the “good efforts” going forward. More and more we spread, goodness WILL also GO VIRAL.

Very small incident but teaches us that humanity will remain around us and everyone should get that positive feeling that people do care for us/each other.

Attaching snap of recently gone viral video of flood relief work by the army.

“भगवान वर्दी में घूम रहे” Hats off and salute to our Indian army. ??

Let’s not just share things on social media but also DO it ourselves on a day to day basis. As it’s not only our army’s job but we can also contribute back to our society.

I thank my friends who have been involved in rescue operations in Kolhapur floods.

Jai Hind.

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