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About two years ago, I got a chance to have a meeting with Sanjay Kelkar ji. He is a very down to earth person. We had visited Samatol Foundation at Thane. Shri Vijay Jadhav ji is doing great work. Sanjay ji talked about how he has been inspired and want to work with youth to adopt new technologies, work with fresh thoughts and ideas.

Samtol Foundation works for the upliftment and rehabilitation of runaway children. They run away from their homes due to various psychological or socio-economic reasons. We played with these children, discussed their problems and why did they run away from home? We were surprised when we found out about the reasons and we were very satisfied with the training and education provided by Samtol Foundation.

So many karyakartas are working non stop at various levels and that too without many expectations. This is amazing. Sanjay ji has been supporting such initiatives and I was very much touched by his involvement.

I remembered this event today. Although it’s not connected with any political party when our MLAs are supporting such great non-profits, definitely I support this government.

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