Birthday Song in Sanskrit

It has been almost three years when I first heard “Happy Birthday” song in Sanskrit. Earlier I was only aware of this regular song we all sing during any birthday celebrations, i.e “Happy Birthday to you.. (2) .. ”. But it was one my friends birthday and we all were gathered in one apartment in Sunnyvale, California. When my friend started cutting the cake, I expected the above song. But suddenly I heard something new. A birthday song in Sanskrit. I did not follow it completely. But later when I went online and searched for it, I found its meaning. 

Slowly slowly I got used to this “geet” and than it was one of my favorite song during birthday celebration. I am sharing it here. 


जन्मदिनमिदम् अयि प्रिय सखे
शंतनोतु हि सर्वदा मुदम् ।

प्रार्थयामहे भव शतायु:
ईश्वर सदा त्वाम् च रक्षतु ।

पुण्य कर्मणा कीर्तिमार्जय
जीवनम् तव भवतु सार्थकम् 

Meaning in English

Hey dear friend, let this birthday bring peace to you.

Let you live 100 years.

Always, may God protect you also.

Gain glory through meritorious acts.

Let your life be fruitful.

Thus we all pray happily always.

I wish everyone start singing this geet on every birthday occasion. I also wish to add a little more music to it and make it more appealing for the young generation. 🙂 I will edit this post and add links once I have done making its video/audio. There is one video on youtube by which you can at least understand its raag / sur.

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