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These are 50 pointers that I took during a conference called – “Chanakya in You”: Leadership conference.

It started with a talk by Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai and then group activity. It was beautifully organized by Bhanu Conclave team on 1st March 2015 at Sofitel, BKC.

Although people who attended this conference will be able to recollect what these pointers mean, but anyone can take these pointers and google to find more information about them. I hope it will be useful for readers.

The only purpose of this post is to share the knowledge and information. To entrepreneurs or already established organizations, it will be super useful.    

  1. To any leader: “It’s not about you. It’s about all employees working for you. Think and plan. You can not rely on God.”
  2. Any business should be value based.
  3. Chanakya teaches us about Strategy. The next level of growth.
  4. Aaadi Guru is “Surya”. Every day one should do pooja of Surya Bhagwan. It is motivational and helps a lot to you.
  5. Chant Gayatri mantra every day.
  6. “Bhanushali”: It’s a knowledge-based community. “Bhanu” is Bhaskar and Bhaskar is knowledge. “Shali” means one who is disciplined and obedient.
  7. “Bharat”: “Bha” means knowledge. “Rata” means “usme ramnewala” [in hindi].
  8. Tea + Sugar example. Just putting these two together is not enough. Unless you stir it using a teaspoon, it’s not going to become sweet.
  9. Knowledge should be spiritual and material. Pray to God every single day.
  10. A must-read book “Lateral Thinking” by De Bono Edward.
  11. Om namah shukra brihaspati abhayam.”
  12. The mind should be available to keep learning everything and anything.
  13. Write down your problem which we will discuss at the end of the session. I wrote my problem: “Time management, work/life balance how to do. So many ToDo items pending. How to complete on time and based on priority?”
  14. A community should work on developing intellectual capital. Suggested to Bhanushali community too.
  15. Manager and worker example. The manager is busy with the higher level decision and the worker is blocked on something for which manager’s permission is needed. In this case, the worker should analyze the situation on his own, plan something for possible solutions and be prepared with options that can be presented to the manager and he can choose from it. This way work will get done faster and the manager will not have to think more to decide.
  16. Start understanding the other person and see what he thinks. I always think that what will I get? We should also think what our boss or client wants?
  17. About Chanakya:
    1. Vishnugupta or Kautilya: Names of Chanakya
    2. 4th century B.C: Era of Chanakya
    3. Books: Kautilya Arthashashtra and Chanakya Niti
    4. Buy Chanakya Arthashashtra online from the link:
  18. “Che Guevara”: revolutionary from Argentina
  19. “Motorcycle Diaries” based on the life of “Che Guevara”
    1. read this book:
    2. watch this movie:
  20. Japan’s research is considered best amongst all other countries in current times.
  21. Mysore University has original Chanakya manuscripts. Bhanushali group should do knowledge trip to this university.
  22. What is your specialization? It is very important to ask this to yourself: What kind of an expert are you?
  23. Partner with another person who is a master in his field.
  24. Dr. Vijay Paage (MET): – read about his works.
  25. Tom Peters:
    1. As you are searching for clients, clients are also researching on you.
  26. Your reputation goes before you.
  27. Non-Parsis cannot enter Agiary (fire temple). A great example. Read it.
  28. “Aanveekshikee” – also Draupadi’s name.
    1. Anve+ Ek+ Kshikee is philosophy, the science of thinking
  29. Read the book: “Men are from mars women are from Venus”
  30. Freedom of expression -> allow people in your office to bark 🙂
  31. “One arrow may or may not kill the enemy but a man using his sharpened Intellects can destroy the King along with his kingdom” – That is Strategy.
  32. Bada mat socho…. alag socho” [in hindi]
  33. Time to think: Henry Ford hired a person just to think. To others, that person looked like the most unproductive person in an organization.
  34. A book called “outliers”. 10,000 hours of deliberate practice is needed to become world class in any field.
  35. A movie called Forrest Gump.
  36. A shloka from Kautiliya Arthashashtra 6.1.1
  37. Watch all parts of the movie called God Father
  38. A movie on a strategy called Troy
  39. A movie named 300 is a good one too.
  40. Any company should have the following 7 pillars:
    1. Swami – Leader
    2. Amatya – Minister
    3. Janapada – Market
    4. Durg – Infrastructure
    5. Kosha – Finance
    6. Danda – Team
    7. Mitra – Mentor
  41. Three parallel systems in India:
    1. Chief Justice of India <- Constitution
    2. President <- Chief Minister
    3. Prime Minister <- Governor
  42. The game of chess was invented by Chanakya: Chariots, Horses, Elephants, Soldiers
    1. It was called Chaturanga back then.
    2. King never dies in chess. He only gets defeated.
  43. Ethics, Moralities, and Clarity should be clear in a King.
  44. Cleanliness should be a part of thinking.
  45. Oxford University is 700 years old. Newton and Darwin have studied there.
  46. CitiBank is also 200 years old.
  47. Any organization should have a vision for 500 years! Foundation of an organization should be strong.
  48. A leader should spend more time with Vruddha or senior.
  49. A promise is a promise.
  50. A leader should be able to identify the qualities in others.

As always, please point me out if you find anything that needs to be corrected.

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