Closed-door interaction with Mr. Ram Mohan Mishra, IAS, AS & DC, MSME, Government of India.

Extremely happy to share that I have been invited as a delegate for a closed-door interaction with Mr. Ram Mohan Mishra, IAS, Additional Secretary, and Development Commissioner, MSME, Government of India.

The meeting was meant to be a brainstorming session to throw up ideas that can help MSMEs and the MSME ecosystem function to its fullest potential.

I was able to highlight some policy changes and support that govt. can provide to Medium Enterprises.

Also, it was my first time at the Bombay Stock Exchange to ring the bell. That too along with Shri Ram Mohan ji. I Wish to list @atulsia on BSE someday.

Great day.

Happy to share minutes of the meeting if anyone needs it. PM me.

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